systemfabrik Releases an EAI Product?

  • Written By: M. Reed
  • Published: February 18 2000

Event Summary

"HAMBURG, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- systemfabrik, the leading European vendor of Information Integration products, has announced the immediate availability of Warehouse Workbench 4.0 (WWB). The new set of features prepares the ground for an enterprise wide platform for information transformation, thus bridging the gap from Data Marts to Enterprise Application Integration and e-commerce.

WWB 4.0 provides a unique platform for rapid development of mission critical Information Integration Infrastructure including graphical data flow analysis, content driven reverse engineering, and data flow simulation for diverse sources such as SAP R/3, Internet content, and relational data bases. The enhanced feature set further shortens implementation cycles of data migration processes and moves beyond ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) capabilities. Warehouse Workbench 4.0 introduces an open, enterprise wide Information Infrastructure Architecture based on the Universal Transformation Language (UTL).

Reverse Engineering and graphical online simulation of all transformations, accelerate the integration of inter enterprise data."

"Increasingly, data marts and data warehouses are no longer isolated features within the company" says Gerrit Kolb, CEO of systemfabrik. "Their rapid integration into the overall information infrastructure is critical to the survival of the Enterprise in the hyper competitive Internet Age. The 4.0 release addresses this need with a unique feature set that combines the ability to solve complex business problems with rapid implementation speed."

Market Impact

The vendor is apparently making an attempt to turn itself into an Enterprise Application Integration vendor instead of an ETL vendor. However there is nothing in systemfabrik's press release or documentation that indicates the new release of WWB is anything more than the ETL tool it has been in the past. A complete EAI solution requires a middleware component (i.e., hooks into IBM's MQSeries) to allow different applications to communicate and exchange messages. We see nothing in the product documentation to indicate that this has been provided.

User Recommendations

Customers evaluating ETL tools should include systemfabrik on a long list of vendors to be evaluated. Their product should be of particular interest if data from SAP's ERP solution needs to be accessed. However, customers interested in EAI should at most consider questioning systemfabrik on why its Warehouse Workbench 4.0 qualifies as a true EAI offering.

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