Epicor Manufacturing Overview: Business Without Barriers

Epicor Manufacturing is a tightly integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution built on a true service-oriented architecture. The product is distinguished by its increasingly broad focus on planning and managing all resources, both within and across location and company boundaries. Learn more about Epicor Manufacturing in this comprehensive brochure.
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Omnivex Digital Signage Software

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  • Published On: July 30 2012

Illumiti Corporate Overview

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  • Published On: July 6 2012

Solving the Challenges in Manufacturing and Distribution

As customers demand ever greater levels of product customization, manufacturers must be able to respond quickly and efficiently. Production lines designed for a single product must be adapted for multiple products, and traditional methods of supply chain management must be transformed to cope with ever-shorter product lifecycles. This paper explores today’s challenges in manufacturing and distribution.
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  • Published On: June 22 2012
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