Introducing the Unit4 People Platform—Meeting the Unique Needs of Service and Government Organizations

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In service-intensive industries such as professional services, government, education, and non-for-profit, it's the people not the products that deliver value to the customer. Instead of fixed, predetermined processes, activities are more fluid and varied, such as managing the participation of people and teams and producing creative work. In this demanding environment, it is crucial for organizations to ensure that their service professionals can keep up with fast-changing business and customer needs.... Read More

Introducing the Unit4 People Platform—Delivering on the Digital Revolution

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Today's digital revolution has unleashed a wave of innovation in the business world, with long-established business models being disrupted. Instead of large companies controlling the market, we have individuals offering services and other individuals consuming them, all orchestrated by smart technology used by lean companies. Businesses are rethinking how this revolution will transform the way they operate and serve clients. In service and government organizations, where people are the core asset,... Read More

Technology Solution for the Equipment Financing Industry

SAP Leasing is a comprehensive lease and loan contract management solution for the equipment financing industry, as validated by industry leaders. Read More

Run Finance a Simpler Way: Helping You Transform Your Finance Organization

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Over the past few years, finance executives have been busy cutting costs, conserving cash, and paying off debts. But times are changing. Today, finance executives are more optimistic than they have been for some time.

This document from SAP looks at SAP Simple Finance and outlines some of the challenges facing organizations. Read More

Enterprise Integration Patterns Flashcards

Use these flashcards along with the popular open source integration framework Apache Camel as an easy reference during the design and development of integration projects. This deck of flashcards covers 49 integration patterns discussed in Gregory Hohpe’s book, Enterprise Integration PatternsRead More

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and IBM Websphere Application Server Network Deployment Edition

The application platform provides foundational technology for both Red Hat JBoss Middleware and IBM’s middleware offerings. Red Hat and IBM offer their application platforms—Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and IBM WebSphere—both as standalone technology, and as the basis of other enterprise technologies for business rules, enterprise service bus, business process management, mobile devices, and more. This competitive analysis describes the strong similarities and significant differences... Read More

Connect, Control, Innovate with Oracle ERP Cloud

The business world is changing, and so is the role of finance. With the arrival of big data, analytics, mobile networking and social media, enterprises big and small are having to adapt in an age of digital disruption. Having effective and flexible financial software solutions is important. This document from Oracle looks at Oracle ERP Cloud. Read More

Convergence for the Branch Office: Transforming Resiliency and TCO with Riverbed SteelFusion

Your branch offices are a critical point of productivity and revenue yet come with a tremendous amount of overhead and risk. These challenges are exacerbated as the branch too often looks like a carryover of outdated IT practices. Branch converged infrastructure combines storage, networking, and compute all in one device to fundamentally improve branch office service delivery while eradicating the risks associated with traditional branch office infrastructure.

This Taneja Group Technology... Read More

Move into the Fast Lane with SteelHead™ SaaS and Microsoft® Office 365™

This infographic shows you how to accelerate the delivery of Microsoft Office 365 with Riverbed Technology’s SteelHead SaaS. Read More

Product Profile Riverbed SteelFusion: Converging Branch IT Infrastructure the Right Way

Many organizations continue to struggle with outdated IT architectures in branch offices. There is a fundamentally better and less costly way to architect your branch IT. Whether driven by a server refresh project, or by the need to solve a more acute problem posed by your branch IT, adopting a branch converged infrastructure solution as your next branch architecture can drive significant dollar savings while securing data and improving recovery. Read More
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