AFS Direct Store Delivery: A Strategic Sales and Delivery Tool for Your Direct to Market Channel

Consumer goods companies using a direct store delivery (DSD) channel model are seeking new ways to further boost their operational efficiencies, trim costs, and increase revenues. Download this brochure to learn about AFS Direct Store Delivery functionality and its benefits. Read More

VISUAL ERP for Aerospace & Defense: Government and Commercial

VISUAL ERP for aerospace and defense is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It aims to address A&D needs like advanced shop scheduling for on-time deliveries, total quality management to attain and maintain regulatory compliance, and document management and auditing. Read More

The 2-Tier Business Intelligence: Enterprise-grade Analytics That Keeps Pace with Today's Business Speed

  • Source: Birst
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  • Published:
As organizations evolve to assume more control over the customer lifecycle, the need for customer insights to make informed business decisions necessitates a new level of analytical agility, speed, and sophistication. Read Birst’s perspective for the delivery of a next generation business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform that offers rapid, economical “self-service” response to operational entities such as sales, marketing, services, and supply chain management, while providing deep capabilities... Read More

A Platform for 2-Tier BI and Analytics

  • Source: Birst
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Birst’s 2-tier analytics technology enables centralized and decentralized teams to work collaboratively by unifying IT-managed enterprise data with user-generated data, then automating the process of refining and preparing a single view of all data, adding a business intelligence (BI) layer for business users' analytics needs. Download this document from Birst to learn about the company’s cloud architecture, security, 2-tier platform, and more. Read More

6 Analytic Insights You Still Can't Do in Salesforce (Even If You Have Wave)

  • Source: Birst
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  • Published:
Building a solid sales analytics initiative for your company requires more than just the reports and dashboards from your customer relationship management (CRM) system. You need to combine CRM data with other data sources to gain greater visibility with customers, prospects, and the sales process. This document from Birst explains when and where to consider advanced predictive analytics and interactive data discovery capabilities. Read More

R and SPSS Software: Everyone Wins

  • Source: IBM
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Read this document from IBM to learn why using the R programming language with SPSS Statistics and Modeler software can be better than going it alone with R. Read More

Scaling Okta to 10 Billion Users

Large enterprises, software as a service (SaaS) providers and businesses with major web properties increasingly depend on identity and access management companies, including Okta, to handle authentication for their thousands or even millions of users.

This document looks at how the technology and processes Okta has put in place in building a highly scalable platform that will be ready to securely store and serve billions of user identities. Read More

See How Adrenalin Alignment Works

In a global economy, employees may be far flung. It is imperative to align everyone into one culture with one vision. Alignment ensures that everyone is focused and working in tandem toward organizational goals.

Find out how strategic people tools like Adrenalin can help align processes and people with productivity.  Read More

Improve Application Performance in the Hybrid Enterprise

IT organizations have been evolving their wide area network (WAN) connectivity strategies to align with new IT cost, resilience, and performance objectives. Hybrid WAN is a growing trend with many organizations and enterprises, enabling them to augment traditional private leased lines with secured public Internet services to achieve their goals.

This document looks at how Riverbed SteelHead’s hybrid architecture approaches operating in a hybrid WAN environment. Read More

Evolution of the Hybrid Enterprise

This document from Riverbed explains how the flexibility and cost benefits of Internet connectivity lead to a hybrid network and provides best practices to overcoming the challenges introduced. This piece focuses on the ability to control such deployments at scale, and covers Riverbed’s application-centric approach. It looks at Riverbed’s network services in depth, including app groups and global policy management. Read More
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