Operations-as-a-Service: Outsource Everything But Your Code

When it comes to hosting your technical operations, there’s a lot to consider. Most companies run into three major roadblocks when it comes to choosing a hosting solution—staffing, economics, and scaling. Do-it-yourself (DIY) or cloud require you to deal with the challenges of quickly scaling should you need additional capacity.

This document from Peak Hosting looks at how operations-as-a-service could host an enterprise’s infrastructure, from designing to building to maintaining. Read More

ERP for Midsize Firms

For midsize organizations worldwide, modernizing their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can be central to the organization’s success. The right ERP cloud can help the modern business to grow and empower its employees. This brochure looks at Oracle ERP Cloud. Read More

You’ve Got a Bright Future: Does Your Current ERP Solution?

A modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) cloud simplifies, standardizes, and automates business processes, helping an enterprise take advantage of growth opportunities. This brochure looks at Oracle ERP Cloud. Read More

Oracle vs. Epicor ERP

Most companies want to protect their bottom line. When it comes to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, aim to acquire a scalable, affordable solution to run your business. This brochure looks at Oracle ERP Cloud. Read More

Hitting Your Limits with Dynamics GP?

As a company with aggressive growth goals, you may find yourself outgrowing your current accounting systems. This brochure from Oracle compares Oracle ERP Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics GP, featuring Oracle ERP Cloud. Read More

Validating the Effect of Dedupe/Compression on Storage Performance

This info sheet looks at how to measure the effect of deduplication (dedupe) and compression on storage performance. It all boils down to generating data content patterns that sufficiently stress a storage array. Read More

Modeling Oracle Workloads

This info sheet looks at how to test and validate Oracle database application performance in a pre-production environment. Find potential storage bottlenecks, compare performance of different storage arrays, and identify optimal configurations. Read More

The Future CFO

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Thanks to the massive amounts of data at our fingertips, businesses need more well-rounded talent in their finance departments. This brief infographic lists some financial leadership qualities. Read More

Extract More Value out of SAP through Virtual Data

Firms looking to move ahead of competitors need applications that go beyond the classic SAP ERP and analytics backbone. To extract more meaningful value from ERP, firms should introduce both systems of differentiation and systems of innovation on top of the core SAP system of record. This document looks at Delphix Data as a Service and how it can help customers running SAP manage data and effect improvements across the SAP application lifecycle and related business processes. Read More

Reducing the Burden of Regulation, Legal Hold, and Discovery Using Delphix Live Archive

Your company is subject to legal obligations to preserve and produce detailed point-in-time records of your business in response to regulations or orders from courts. Companies often meet these burdens with data archiving, however, poor data archiving can lead to non-compliance with regulations. This document looks at Delphix's Live Archive, which can build a condensed copy of a data source that can be accessed on demand and quickly while also bookmarking data sources to restore any application,... Read More
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