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Published quarterly, TEC's buyer's guides provide valuable analyst insight into specific areas of the enterprise software marketplace. Each guide features market trends and influencers, an overview of key features and benefits of a software offering and a profile on the various solutions available. It also includes thought leadership reviews from industry experts, customer success stories, and a comprehensive directory of software providers.

Below you'll find a list of upcoming TEC buyer's guides. You can also browse and download our recently published buyer's guides.


TEC 2016 ERP for Manufacturing Buyer's Guide

Available: January 2016

TEC 2015 Business Intelligence Buyer's Guide: Data Discovery and Visualization

Analyzing data from various sources to discover patterns and behaviors for better insight is not a new concept. Data discovery and visualization has been used for the better part of two decades by many academic institutions worldwide as an integral component of the sciences and technology disciplines. It has also been used for at least at a decade by many corporations looking at data as the raw material for business analysis and decision making.

The use of reliable data discovery solutions, along with effective ways to visualize the newly discovered data, can have a real and positive impact on the way organizations run their business. It can help companies make informed and reliable decisions at all levels of the organization—increasing operational efficiency and business performance, and enhancing opportunities for success.

Nearly every organization in every vertical industry today uses some type of data discovery activity to better conduct its business. Data discovery and visualization has become a vital part of any data management and/or business intelligence (BI) initiative, regardless of whether it comes from a traditional powerhouse BI solution or a modern newcomer.

The TEC 2015 Business Intelligence Buyer’s Guide: Data Discovery and Visualization examines the following topics:

  • The role, importance, and value of data discovery and visualization for organizations of all types and sizes, and the state of the data discovery and visualization marketplace
  • Data discovery and visualization software across different technology paradigms such as big data and cloud computing, among others
  • Data discovery and visualization offerings available on the market, and the key factors to consider when evaluating data discovery and visualization solutions
Additionally, the buyer’s guide includes:

  • a side-by-side comparison of core capabilities of data discovery and visualization offerings,
  • a product directory, and
  • customer success stories and thought leadership briefs from our sponsors.
Available: September 2015