Case Studies

Case Study: Presbyterian Health

The database system at Presbyterian Health Plan was becoming increasingly expensive and unwieldy. Find out how its database system overhaul enabled agile data management and eliminated redundant infrastructure. Read More

Case Study: Molina Healthcare

In this case study, find out how Molina Healthcare, an organization that offers health plans, medical clinics, and a health information management solution, used data virtualization technology to address its IT requirements with regard to growth, storage needs, and efficiency. Read More

Case Study: Eggborough

Lack of information will negatively affect your organization’s ability to make good decisions. Modernization of your organization’s analytics system with the adoption of Dundas dashboard solutions is the key to better quality data. The ability to access superior data means the best decision making can occur for a variety of important areas and can enable your team to improve processes, procedures, and ultimately result in better financial choices. Dundas dashboard solutions can help your organization become more efficient by reducing rates of human error inherent in out-dated methods of reporting, and can free up person hours once taken up by old manual reporting processes.

In this case study, read about how Dundas’ dashboards provided much-needed modern solutions for Eggborough Power, a 50-year old UK electric company. Read how manually sifting through databases on a daily basis became a time-consuming and ineffective undertaking. Learn how Dundas dashboard solutions was quickly installed and implemented to provide Eggborough Power with up-to-the minute information on machinery performance and overall operational costs, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With the improved analysis capabilities provided by Dundas dashboard solutions, reporting methodologies can be improved, performance enhanced, and greater business success realized.  Read More

Case Study: Choice Logistics

Automation of analytics is an essential step for companies to undertake so that an analyst’s time can be spent analyzing, rather than preparing inefficient paper reports. Dundas Dashboards solutions can help improve the execution of analytic operations by eliminating the need for the creation of manual reports. At the same time, Dundas Dashboards can help consolidate information from the latest available data, allowing your organization to act on trend information in real time. This gives your company the ability to focus on immediate prospects and unite as a team, rather than wasting person hours on organizing outdated paper reports.

Dundas Dashboard integrates easily into your current system and is easy to use, while offering a high level of user support. In this case study, learn how Dundas Dashboards can provide dashboard solutions for a variety of uses within your organization, such as building dashboards for internal metrics to help account managers, or creating dashboards for the purpose of generating detailed information about spending and trends. Dundas Dashboard has the ability to aid in the creation of visual data in innovative ways so you can gain the best advantage from your data. Through the use of Dundas Dashboards, transparency is improved and operations are made consistent across the organization. When your organization gains insight from data trends and can generate real-time reports, it gives both users and their clients a truer vision into business practices.  Read More

KLP Empowers the Front and Middle Office with Advanced Risk Analytics

  • Source: IBM
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In order for your business to thrive, you need to make good financial choices. Paying attention current risk is vital, but so too is preparing for possible risk through the use of modeling solutions. Once you have solid risk analytics software in place, accessing the data has to be easy, or else you’re not reaping the full potential rewards of modeling.

IBM provides refined, flexible cloud-based solutions that are able to support a wide array of customization options. This allows your business to develop a modeling solution specific to your organization’s needs, optimizing and making the performance of risk management tasks across the entire organization much less difficult. The ease of user adoption means that information gained from risk modeling via IBM’s Business Analytics software can be integrated into the day-to-day activities of your business. Cloud-based technology is also easier to run and use, demanding less IT hours.

Putting IBM’s easy-to-use and simple-to-understand analytic tools in the hands of anyone who needs them means decision making can become more strategic, allowing your team to reach objectives quickly and smoothly. In this case study, learn how IBM’s Business Analytics software can help your organization excel in their fields by identifying market trends, developing budgets according to real-time data results, determining possible problem areas to avoid or resolve, and read how IBM Business Analytics can help with compliance. Learn how scenario comparison and customer analytics can affect your business, and how to use them to your best advantage.  Read More

Case Study: Roland DGA

World leader in sign, graphic arts, fine art, vehicle graphics, UV, photography, engraving and 3D modeling industries Roland DGA uses Invensys Operations Management to provide an accounts payable solution to ensure that vendor invoices are paid promptly and accurately, while maintaining adherence to ISO and Sarbanes-Oxley standards. The Invensys Skelta Business Process Management and Skelta Accounts Payable solutions verify invoice data for more than 1,000 vendors by locating internal Roland DGA records to ensure vendor invoices are managed properly and in a timely fashion. Read More

Manufacturing Cloud: Moving Toward a Single Source of Truth in the F&B Industry

LNS Research reveals how Jensen Meat Co. was able to successfully transition from its legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud for improved collaboration, streamlined quality inspection, and real-time traceability, from raw materials to finished product. Read More

Using Chatter with FinancialForce Accounting for Better Credit and Collections Collaboration

Collaboration is a key part of credit and collections, both in avoiding disputes and resolving them. Effective information sharing can go a long way. This research paper presents two use cases that involve four main factors for enabling sell-side collaboration: recording, storing, sharing, and accessing of data. They have used Chatter on the Salesforce1 platform in an effort to support those collaborative processes by both providing full account visibility to all stakeholders and tracking conversations to keep everyone informed. The key is to find a user-friendly, intuitive approach to communication and data storage that encourages adoption. Read More

Bluewolf: Cloud-based HCM Replaces Homemade Solution

Fast-growing cloud-based consulting firm Bluewolf chose FinancialForce HCM to replace its home-built custom human resources (HR) system. This case study gives insights about the starting point, best practices applied, and lessons learned.  Read More

Case Study: IBM's Adoption of Sugar: A Lesson in Global Implementation

  • Source: Ovum
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IBM leveraged SugarCRM's user-focused customer relationship management (CRM) to transform its global sales organization, deploying a new system for reps that manage millions of opportunities worldwide. Read an analysis of how IBM completed this task. Read More
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