Case Studies

Bhar Boosts Efficiency 30 Percent and Improves Customer Satisfaction

Custom injection-molding manufacturer Bhar, Inc., realized its key systems were disconnected from one another and its business processes were inefficient. The company knew what it needed out of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to improve the conversion of increased revenues into higher profits. Bhar needed a system that would enhance its information flow, speed decision-making, and streamline business processes. Find out why Bhar opted for cloud ERP. Read More

Champion Plastics Reduces Inventory by One-third and Scheduling Time by One-half; Moves into New Market

With a new account on the line, Champion Plastics, Inc., couldn’t afford any missteps, especially with its electronic data interchange (EDI), so it decided to shop for a new system. The company was not initially looking for a full enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, but its method of inventory control was a high hurdle. Find out why Champion Plastics opted for cloud ERP and how it improved operational efficiency. Read More

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

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Working with BrightStar Partners, an Avnet Services company, and IBM, the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium team has developed a new analytics solution that combines real-time weather data with ticket sales and attendance information to help forecast visitor numbers much more accurately than ever before. Read More

BBVA Seamlessly Monitors and Improves its Online Reputation

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BBVA needed an online tool to detect possible risks to its reputation in order to increase positive feedback and customer satisfaction. IBM Cognos Consumer Insight automates this online analytic process with a high degree of scalability. The solution can identify the subject, type, date, author, title, and country of online comments made about BBVA and its brands. Read More

Automotive Stamper Replaces Six Disparate Systems with Comprehensive Cloud ERP

Clips & Clamps Industries (CCI) needed to upgrade several of the separate systems it used for enterprise resource planning (ERP), gage controls, human resources, and other functions. In addition, the lack of integration among these systems entailed duplicate data entry, manual reconciliation of data and reports, and other inefficiencies. To address these challenges, CCI implemented a new, completely integrated manufacturing cloud ERP solution. Read More

Fluid Routing Solutions Trims IT Costs, Improves Quality and Supply Chain Management

When it was purchased by a private equity firm, Fluid Routing Solutions faced a unique set of business challenges, including having to migrate its entire infrastructure and application environment away from a legacy system very quickly. So the manufacturer needed to select and launch its own enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Learn why the organization opted for a cloud-based system. Read More

Newman Technology Cuts Inventory Costs by 25 Percent; Achieves 98 Percent Inventory Accuracy

Newman Technology was using a paper trail system to manage a lot of traffic, and realized that it needed a modern-day solution for production accuracy and accountability. It needed a robust tool and disciplined processes for managing its inventory, purchase orders, and accounts receivables. Learn how Newman Technology improved its communication with suppliers and gained visibility into suppliers’ operations. Read More

Auto Supplier Chooses Plex Cloud ERP Over QAD, Eliminates Inventory Discrepancies

For several years, Spring Dynamics had been using an on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that included accounting functions and standard reports on inventory and accounts receivable and payable. Management wanted a more robust, comprehensive system that would also include shop floor operations and generate management reports. Learn how Plex Cloud ERP helped maximize overall business performance.  Read More

Case Study: Ashurst Australia Focuses on Domestic and International Growth

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In preparation for a merger with a UK law firm, Ashurst Australia wanted to grow its business both domestically and internationally. The firm overhauled its practice department structure, rationalized its KPIs, and developed quarterly strategic performance reports. Working closely with IBM, it produced a reporting package that partners and senior managers can access instantly on their mobile devices. Read up on the benefits. Read More

Case Study: Natural Gas Company Builds Quotes in 15 Minutes and Pushes Up Sales Throughput by 20%

A leading developer of compressed natural gas fueling infrastructure needed a better and faster way to build sales proposals. With the company’s homegrown system, it took hours to build proposals, finance lacked margin visibility, there was plenty of room for sales reps errors, and there were reporting and analysis limitations. The company also wanted a simplified learning experience for its customers. It chose CallidusCloud CPQ (Configure Price Quote). Read More
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