Case Studies

Bluewolf: Cloud-based HCM Replaces Homemade Solution

Fast-growing cloud-based consulting firm Bluewolf chose FinancialForce HCM to replace its home-built custom human resources (HR) system. This case study gives insights about the starting point, best practices applied, and lessons learned.  Read More

Case Study: IBM's Adoption of Sugar: A Lesson in Global Implementation

  • Source: Ovum
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IBM leveraged SugarCRM's user-focused customer relationship management (CRM) to transform its global sales organization, deploying a new system for reps that manage millions of opportunities worldwide. Read an analysis of how IBM completed this task. Read More

Metro Spinal Clinic Supports Ground-breaking Research

  • Source: IBM
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Traditional paper questionnaires are imprecise and difficult to interpret, so Metro Spinal Clinic decided to find a better solution to help patients communicate about pain. Clinical Intelligence, an organization founded by clinical specialists from Metro Spinal Clinic and IT professionals, developed a new online questionnaire using IBM SPSS Data Collection Web Interviews software, which aided in diagnosis and boosted the follow-up rate. Read More

Cezanne Case Study: Casewise Improves Employee Communication with Cezanne OnDemand

Casewise, a global consultancy company, needed an HR system that was user friendly, offered employee self-service, had good help desk support—and that would grow alongside the company. The company chose Cezanne OnDemand to streamline its people processes and support ambitious growth plans.  Read More

Case Study: Agency for Services and Payment (ASP)

To demonstrate its suitability for a project to manage the administration and budget for several social employment measures, Agency for Services and Payment (ASP) only had a few months to find a collaborative dashboard solution to monitor the budget, activities, and financial indicators at all levels of the organization concerned with the project (national, regional, departmental, and local).  Read More

How Renault Improved Sales Performance with Access to Real-time Interactive Data

Renault, a leading motor vehicle manufacturer, was already equipped with many business intelligence solutions but needed a dashboard accessible at any time for a large number of users. Renault started searching for a tool that would allow its sales and marketing teams not only to access data instantaneously and independently, but also to interact with it. Read More

Bhar Boosts Efficiency 30 Percent and Improves Customer Satisfaction

Custom injection-molding manufacturer Bhar, Inc., realized its key systems were disconnected from one another and its business processes were inefficient. The company knew what it needed out of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to improve the conversion of increased revenues into higher profits. Bhar needed a system that would enhance its information flow, speed decision-making, and streamline business processes. Find out why Bhar opted for cloud ERP. Read More

Champion Plastics Reduces Inventory by One-third and Scheduling Time by One-half; Moves into New Market

With a new account on the line, Champion Plastics, Inc., couldn’t afford any missteps, especially with its electronic data interchange (EDI), so it decided to shop for a new system. The company was not initially looking for a full enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, but its method of inventory control was a high hurdle. Find out why Champion Plastics opted for cloud ERP and how it improved operational efficiency. Read More

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

  • Source: IBM
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  • Published:
Working with BrightStar Partners, an Avnet Services company, and IBM, the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium team has developed a new analytics solution that combines real-time weather data with ticket sales and attendance information to help forecast visitor numbers much more accurately than ever before. Read More

BBVA Seamlessly Monitors and Improves its Online Reputation

  • Source: IBM
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BBVA needed an online tool to detect possible risks to its reputation in order to increase positive feedback and customer satisfaction. IBM Cognos Consumer Insight automates this online analytic process with a high degree of scalability. The solution can identify the subject, type, date, author, title, and country of online comments made about BBVA and its brands. Read More
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