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Enhancing a City’s Ability to Plan, Protect and Manage with Intelligent Video Analytics

Innovative leaders are creating smarter, safer, more secure cities—protecting citizens and the city’s economic value.

This white paper looks at how intelligent video analytics solutions could extend the capabilities of existing video assets, and enhance the effectiveness of safety and traffic management personnel. Read More

Beyond Borders: Tracing the Impacts of Smarter Public Safety

Smarter cities are employing innovative solutions to create safer and more secure cities, protecting citizens as well as the city’s economic value. This paper presents a context to discuss the value and impacts of smarter public safety software solutions across the spectrum of stakeholders involved. Read More

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Case Study: City of Montreal Police Service

The City of Montreal Police Service (SPVM) was seeking a new human resources (HR) system to manage professional development plans. The organization’s HR department knew that the new system needed to cover training management, competency management, and performance management. Learn more about the HR system that the SPVM chose, and the benefits it provides to both officers and HR workers. Read More

Case Study: Newburgh Enlarged City School District

Schools often need to deploy computers that offer a limited feature set, as limiting a computer’s functions is important to protecting its purpose and keeping students focused. To lock down student workstation functionality, Newburgh Enlarged City School District finally implemented a solution to control system settings and application functionality. Learn more about the features and functionality of this workstation access solution. Read More
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