ViryaNet G4 Field Service Management Certification Report

ViryaNet G4 is now TEC certified in the field service management (FSM) solution space. The sophisticated best-of-breed FSM solution has been designed for medium and large service organizations. Optimizing day-to-day activities and operations for service organizations for improved business performance is at the core of ViryaNet’s market approach. Download the ViryaNet G4 certification report now for product analysis, comparison with the average field service management solution, and in-depth analyst commentary.

About This Report

Product: ViryaNet G4
Release date: April 2014
Certification by: Raluca Druta, Research Analyst, Technology Evaluation Centers
Demonstration conducted by: Ian Clements, Director, Pre-Sales; Aviram Hinenzon, VP Marketing

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is pleased to announce that ViryaNet G4 by ViryaNet is now TEC Certified for online evaluation of field service management (FSM) solutions in the CRM and ERP Evaluation Centers. The CRM and ERP Evaluation Centers enables you to compare and evaluate functionality based on TEC’s comprehensive model of field service management software. Data used in the Evaluation Centers are obtained from the vendor’s responses to TEC’s research questionnaire. Certification ensures that ViryaNet has demonstrated ViryaNet G4's support for specific real-world business processes chosen by TEC analysts, and that TEC analysts have analytically and comparatively reviewed research questionnaire data about ViryaNet G4 against known benchmarks.

Download the full report for an in-depth look at ViryaNet G4 with detailed functionality descriptions and comparison graphs. 

Report Contents

ViryaNet’s Service Perspective Relies on Performance Management Methodology

With offices in the United States and Israel, ViryaNet offers a very sophisticated best-of-breed FSM solution. Optimizing day-to-day activities and operations for service organizations for improved business performance is at the core of ViryaNet’s market approach. The design of ViryaNet G4 has been well considered by the ViryaNet team, which began its journey into mobile workforce management software development with a very clear understanding that service organizations tend to have many competing priorities which impact the overall performance of their business.

Indeed, performance management is the most critical component of ViryaNet G4, as it participates in broader activities like setting overall company goals as well as more granular activities like work order definition, through a continual comparison of what is expected to actual circumstances. The solution doesn’t just help companies address business issues, it also sets standards for employees to improve the quality and agility of service delivery on an ongoing basis. Read more

Benchmark Results for ViryaNet G4

The TEC Focus Indicator presents the results of benchmarking ViryaNet G4 against the Industry Average. TEC calculates the industry average by using a normalized average of all of the data collected from several hundred products and how they support the several thousand features and functions of a software model.
The TEC Focus Indicator™ shows you which types of functionality are likely differentiators for the ViryaNet G4 solution in the small business software space. Get the full results

Product Review: ViryaNet G4


Get the full review

TEC Analyst Observations on ViryaNet G4

ViryaNet G4 has been designed for medium and large service organizations with annual revenue over $51 million (USD) per year and that employ more than 250 people. Its target industries are energy providers, telecommunications, water utilities, health care and insurance, municipalities and government, general service providers, and retail/facilities management. Geographically, ViryaNet’s presence is strong in Western Europe and North America, and the software provider intends to expand, especially into South America and Eastern Europe.

The vendor delivers its mobile workforce management solution either on-premise or in the cloud. ViryaNet also uses a series of performance management methodologies to help service organizations meet their business goals. When assisting service organizations, ViryaNet ensures it understands the clients’ objectives and how they translate into measurable results. These discussions are not limited to the sales cycle, but occur throughout the entire relationship between the vendor and its clients. Read more


Detailed Functionality Graphs for ViryaNet G4

The benchmark graphs represent the quantity of support by ViryaNet G4 for the functionality within each module identified in the TEC Focus Indicator, on a scale of 0 to 100 points.
  • Customer Engagement Management
  • Contract and Warranty Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Inventory, Logistics, and Parts Planning
  • Workforce Forecasting and Planning
  • Scheduling and Routing
  • Integration
  • Analytics and Reporting

Download the full report for an in-depth look at ViryaNet G4 with detailed functionality descriptions and comparison graphs. 

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