ALCIE Integrated Solutions

ALCIE Integrated Solutions Inc. (AIS) develops its family of ALCIE modules, as well as providing integrated solution services. ALCIE has been providing, installing, and supporting both packaged off-the-shelf and custom business applications continuously for the past 20 years. Its top five target markets are government, automotive distribution, chemical and pharmacutical distribution, insurance, and food and perishable commodity distribution.

ALCIE is based in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). The company's clients, both large and small, include Raytheon, Boeing, Honda, and Shell Oil, and are located throughout the United States (US), Canada, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia.

Company Information:

300 Marcel Laurin Blvd., Suite 207
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H4M 2L4
Phone: 1-514-744-3440
Phone Toll Free: 1-888-252-4350
Fax: 1-514-744-5145

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