Arabesque Group

Who is Arabesque?

Arabesque was founded in 1993 as the first Microsoft Large Account Reseller dedicated to the local Kuwait market. Since then, it has diversified to become one of the leading solutions companies in the country, specializing in the area of volume software licensing and ePayment solutions. The company has continued to develop and strengthen its relationship with Microsoft as a core business area and in recognition of its achievements received Microsoft's “Best Infrastructure Award” for 1998 for the Middle East region and “Excellence in Customer Satisfaction” Award for year 2000.

Corporate Vision

The Arabesque vision is to create business value from technology solutions. A solution is defined as packaging products and services together in such a way as to provide a technological response to a business issue whilst meeting the customer’s perception of value. Therefore, Arabesque is not a distributor or reseller of off-the-shelf hardware or software products. The company actively seeks to establish long-term, committed partnerships with blue chip international vendors in order to provide a broad based portfolio of best-of-class products and services from which to deliver to our customers the benefits of investing in technology.

Corporate Philosophy

The Arabesque business philosophy is to advise customers and to provide them with what they need and not what we can in order to close the sale. Hence our focus on the concept of ‘business value’ or ‘business benefits’ and therefore customer satisfaction. It is this philosophy which keeps our customers coming back time and time again. A key factor in business today is uncertainty. With increasing levels of complexity and widespread ambiguity, customer relationships are like the lighthouse to our ship. Relationships reduce uncertainty by providing a safety net when things are very unclear. If companies listen to their customers, build and maintain strong relationships, they have the opportunity to turn uncertainty into success and create the space for mutual gain!

Corporate Mission

Arabesque’s mission is to help our customers to translate the convergence of the latest technologies into practical business solutions, thereby ensuring maximum return on their investment. In the conduct of its daily business, Arabesque adheres to the following values:

  • Arabesque staff are the company’s partners in success and, as such, are its greatest asset.
  • Arabesque continually strives to foster a motivating working environment, which promotes and stimulates iniative and creativity.
  • Arabesque adapts and evolves our professionalism in line with dynamic market changes in order to serve our customers to the best of our ability.
  • Arabesque conducts business ethically, honestly and with integrity, taking pride in everything we do.
  • Arabesque adopts quality as the guiding principle for everything we do.

Company Information:

P.O. Box 3457
Safat, Kuwait
Phone: +965 2414084
Phone Toll Free:

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