Audros Technology

Since 1993, Audros offers its software solutions to industrial companies (mainly SMEs). The technologies developed by Audros help companies increase the reliability of their products, reduce time to market, develop innovation, and increase customer satisfaction by:
  • implementation of a corporate memory (secure and easy to access),
  • simplification and automation of distribution channels of information,
  • guaranteeing long life cycle product.
Audros relies on a network of partners distributors, integrators, and vendors to market its software and perform the deployment services and support. In 2009, Audros Technology took over the activity of Innocad PLM Group Access Commerce and incorporated into a new subsidiary, Audros Consulting.

Company Information:

41, rue de la Cité
LYON Cedex 03, France
Phone: 33 4 72 12 14 24
Phone Toll Free:
Fax: 33 4 72 34 12 63

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