BigMachines (part of the Oracle family) makes software that helps companies sell products and services faster, easier and more accurately. Most companies have sales processes that are complicated, poorly-defined, time consuming and often produce inaccurate quotes. We solve those problems and help our customers sell more and sell faster. All the product and pricing information that salespeople need is stored in our web-based software so it’s up-to-date and available to them anywhere. Because it has the knowledge of their most experienced sales rep built in, even newer reps can select and configure products correctly, and generate 100% accurate quotes and proposals quickly. And BigMachines scales as their business grows. We have customers around the world who tell us that BigMachines software quickly pays for itself and helps them increase their sales.

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570 Lake Cook Road, Suite 200
Deerfield, Illinois, USA
Phone: (847) 572-0300
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Fax: (847) 510-0510

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