Since inception in 1998, BizFlow has focused on developing business process management (BPM) suite (BPMS) software and frameworks for rapidly designing and implementing enterprise solutions that reduce operational costs, improve quality of services, and ensure regulatory compliance. In 2012 we made a strategic decision to collaborate more closely with customers throughout the strategy, innovation, implementation, and continuous process improvement phases of the business transformation life-cycle.  Our objective was to both ensure successful implementations as well as to create a product road-map supporting the emergent design-for-change mindset. We extended the BizFlow software to support Case Management activities. And for operational execution we incorporated principles of Lean Six Sigma with agile development techniques. Now acting as trusted advisors we can partner closely with customers to help align strategy, prioritize needs, identify pain points, conduct cost benefit analyses, and define to-be workflows in order to gain stakeholder approvals and establish target operating models. We can also help them to gather requirements, design specifications, implement solutions, train teams, and foster change management programs. Through this practice, customers create solutions aligned perfectly to business objectives that support complete customer interactions. In 2015-2016 we envision working with customers to support Digitalization (directly interact through multiple channels to review, customize, purchase, and change products and services), Legacy Modernization (modernize or replace antiquated systems to become digitalized assets to support end-to-end communications and self-service), and Communications Management 

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