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Focus Research

Focus makes the world's business expertise available to everyone. At the heart of Focus is a network of thousands of leading business and technology experts who are thought leaders, veteran practitioners and upstart innovators in hundreds of different topics and markets.

You can connect with the Experts on Focus in three primary ways:

Q&A — Focus Q&A provides business and technology professionals with an opportunity to ask questions of and receive multiple answers from Focus Experts. It's a great way to get near-instant answers to specific business questions.

Research — Produced by leading Experts, Focus Research is designed to provide businesses with the knowledge and insight they need to make seminal decisions. Research offerings are often based on data collected from Focus members and range from topically oriented Research Briefs to authoritative Research Guides that provide in-depth, authoritative analysis of trends and events.

Events — Experts also participate in a variety of events, including Roundtables, Webcasts and Summits. Focus Events are built around Expert speakers and provide attendees with an opportunity to personally interact with Experts.

Whether it's Q&A, Research or Events, you can personalize all of the expertise on Focus by following specific topics and Experts. Focus is also easy to use and freely available to anyone who wants help making better business decisions.

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