Lawson Software (Nasdaq: LWSN) provides software and service solutions to 4,000 customers in manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and service sector industries across 40 countries. Lawson’s solutions include enterprise performance management, supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing resource planning (MRP), and enterprise asset management (EAM). Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota (US), Lawson has forty offices worldwide.

Lawson provides open, standards-based software solutions that fundamentally improve customers’ business performance. The open architecture of Lawson’s solutions gives customers superior quality, a low total cost of ownership and a path to a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Lawson’s technology platform--Lawson System Foundation 9--combines Lawson's newest technology with world-class middleware from IBM for a high-performance solution that delivers comprehensive security, scalability, and usability. It also preserves customers' choice of hardware platform while providing a foundation for next-generation Lawson applications designed for use within SOA environments.

Lawson is building its next-generation applications using its Landmark technology environment, which dramatically reduces the amount of source code and produces virtually error-free, consistent Java code. This Java-based code delivers interoperability that protects and extends Lawson customers’ existing IT investments while ensuring compatibility with future applications and technologies.

Lawson’s industry focus and flexible product design enables fast and easy deployment. The company’s expertise within its target markets allows its services teams to radically simplify the process of deploying Lawson applications. As a result, customers save time, effort, and expense in implementing, maintaining, and using Lawson applications. In addition, Lawson’s professional services organization provides industry-specific implementation advice focused on best practices and value delivery.

Company Information:

380 St. Peter Street
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Phone: 1-651-767-4329
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