Micro Focus, Inc.

MERANT is the leading supplier of Enterprise Application Development solutions, providing the people, products and processes to create solutions that help customers accelerate the development, delivery and integration of applications in today''s multi-platform computing environments. MERANT enables organizations to transform their enterprise applications for the changing technology and business requirements of the e-business environment, manage the application development process, and provide integrated data connectivity across the enterprise, from the mainframe to the Internet. * MERANT annual revenues are nearly $400 million. * MERANT has more than 5 million customer licenses at over 35,000 customer sites around the world, including two thirds of the Global 500 and all the Fortune 100. * MERANT is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol MRN and on NASDAQ under the symbol MRNT. * More than 500 technology companies have partnered with MERANT * MERANT is represented in 37 countries and has 20 sales offices worldwide. * MERANT has more than 2,000 employees worldwide and is located in Mountain View, California and Newbury, UK. MERANT''s roots go back to 1976, with its predecessors Micro Focus and INTERSOLV. Micro Focus, a leading provider of enterprise application development and maintenance solutions for MVS, UNIX, Windows, NT and Web environments, acquired INTERSOLV in 1998. INTERSOLV was the leading application enablement software provider for the client/server, Internet and intranet worlds. United in February 1999 under the MERANT name, the company today is the market leader in Enterprise Application Development. With its technology the de facto standards in the industry, MERANT''s supporting services - MERANT Consulting and MERANT University - provide the expertise and training to build critical enterprise application development capabilities within customer organizations.

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