PROGNOZ is Russian for forecast. We chose the name because we're dedicated to helping organizations prepare for the future. Since 1991 we've done this through our world-class Business Intelligence (BI) applications that feature leading-edge analytics, multi-dimensional data cubes and robust econometric forecasting tools. In the clipped pace of the Information Age, our tools help users distill raw data quickly and accurately from a multitude of sources, resulting in sound decisions and money saved. The PROGNOZ Platform is the latest addition to our list of award-winning technology solutions. Its modular, fully integratable design glides cleanly into established IT infrastructure and workflows. And we always work one-on-one with customers to create applications tailored to their needs. PROGNOZ solutions stand at the frontier of innovation. Let us unlock the power of data for your organization.

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8, 2nd Brestskaya St
Moscow, RussianFederation
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