Set Yazilim

Enterprise Resource Scheduling (ERP) came into use as a result of the Material Resource Scheduling (MRP) System's insufficient fulfillment of companies' needs in the beginning of the 1990's. Deriving from the unsatisfactory functioning of production Scheduling systems, the term ERP has advanced in the course of time. Thanks to the level it has achieved today, the system has carried out the functional all-together organization for middle and large scale enterprises being on the top, for the departments of the commercial sector such as Order Management, Financial Accounting, Stock Control, Storage and Distribution, Asset Management, Human Resources in the background and for the Sales and Marketing Automation and Electronic Trade and Supply Systems in the forefront. The escalating competitive environment of today stipulates current investments in terms of IT. It is certain that managements benefiting from the advantage of a fast and reliable acquisition of different information on different fields at the desired level and making right decisions at the right time will always be one step ahead of their counterparts. Increases in investments into Turkey make sure that international capitals consider Turkey an attractive source of commerce. Set Software, having years ago sensed the difficulty lying in reporting activity results of foreign capital- as a result of different accounting systems and regulations-, is among the leading companies working in this field. SET.B'lack ERP stands out as a software created locally in light of those needs and it has achieved an international quality.

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