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Synergy Business Solutions provides comprehensive software solutions primarily to organizations doing project-based work, including architecture, engineering, construction, pharmaceutical, research, biotechnology, professional services, and make-to-order manufacturing companies.


Synergy implements Microsoft Dynamics SL (formerly Solomon) project-accounting (job-costing) software and integrates it with software you already use, i.e. Microsoft Office, as well as project management, CRM, collaboration, and analytics and reporting software.


Through this powerful integration, Synergy helps organizations that have outgrown their systems and procedures or have found them cumbersome, to operate more efficiently and profitably while effectively managing projects, resources, time, financials, and growth.


Synergy’s Plan > Prove > Purchase > Perform approach means Synergy plans your solution, using your real data, and then proves to you that it meets your business requirements. You see a working solution not a theoretical demonstration before you purchase. Once implemented, your company performs with new efficiency.


Project Management and Accounting
Synergy implements and supports Microsoft's Project Management and Accounting solution. It empowers your organization’s managers with a flexible, integrated solution tailored to your business needs. From smoothly launching new projects and tracking their progress, to getting out invoices, to analyzing projects, this powerful solution helps keep projects on track.

Financial Management
With your project-accounting solution you get seamless financial connectivity across your entire system, including integration with project accounting, materials management (distribution), and other business processes. Information is centralized and easily accessible, helping eliminate redundant data entry, increase accuracy, and facilitate informed, flexible reporting.

Analytics and Reporting
Synergy’s Analytics and Reporting solutions utilize the data in your accounting/ERP system generally Microsoft Dynamics SL along with the most advanced analytical tools, to deliver accurate business insight about your customers, projects, markets, finances, inventory, orders, etc.

Materials Management
Superb customer service begins and ends with your ability to maintain control over every aspect of your materials management or distribution processes. Synergy helps you build long-term profitability with lasting relationships with your customers and vendors providing them with the information and services they want.

Business Portals
Enhance productivity by providing user and customer-specific access to information and processes from a single portal. Synergy implements Business Portal, integrated with project accounting software, which takes the hassle out of common tasks, reduces information support costs, and helps deliver at-a-glance access to project and financial information, anywhere and anytime.

Through Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, Synergy helps your project-driven organization increase efficiency and improve team productivity. SharePoint delivers tools for collaboration and document management and sharing that keep people connected across organizational and geographic boundaries.

Synergy’s integration between Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft CRM gets you one-click customer views in CRM from within accounting or project modules. Data created in one application automatically passes to the other, which reduces duplicate data entry and gives all stakeholders complete visibility of a customer

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