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Company Information:

260 Main Street, Suite 203
Redwood City, California, USA
Phone: 1-650-307-6736
Phone Toll Free:
Web Site: openerp.com


At OpenERP we believe that business applications should not be a luxury. That any company, in any country, should be able to afford the best tools to expand their businesses professionally. In order to do so, we need to break the existing rules of the ERPs and the Business Applications marketOpenERP is committed to Open Source Business Model. Our focus is to engage with our community, to be transparent and to continuously strive to improve our product.

We think enterprise management software should be sexy, super easy and affordable. OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of 2000+ business applications, fully integrated. OpenERP's unique modular approach allows customers to start with one application and to add other modules later on. OpenERP allows users to customize the user interface and manage their business processes in only a few clicks.

The same version of OpenERP can be used either On-site or Online. The absence of license fees makes OpenERP very affordable.

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