Since 2001, Ubersmith built its business on developing and maintaining mission critical software for the web hosting market. With the constant assistance and feedback of both industry leading hosting companies and datacenters, Ubersmith’s goals and features have continually been shaped and driven by necessity. Initial development commenced in early 1999 with a simple objective: Provide a way for hosting companies to cut down on manual billing tasks by automatically invoicing and charging their clients. Shortly thereafter, our goals expanded to include a unified support system that allowed geographically diverse staff members to work collectively on a single issue. In response to our client's requests for a way to manage their physical equipment, we were the first to implement a device management and monitoring system into a billing automation system. As time went on and other industries became interested in the automation the hosting market had been honing for years, we expanded our product offering into traditional ISPs, MSPs, the rapidly emerging cloud market and any business evolving into automating their infrastructure. In actively working with our established, industry leading clients, Ubersmith continues to bring proven processes into the hands of both enterprise and burgeoning businesses alike.

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