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Albert-Einstein-Ring 4
Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49 (40) 890 67 83-00
Phone Toll Free:
Fax: +49 (40) 890 67 83-10
Web Site: www.focu.biz

focu.biz GmbH

focu.biz is a system vendor for business software, headquartered in Hamburg.

As a member of Port & Lammers Group focu.biz can use all resources provided by the group to reach a solution covering all areas of business IT.

So focu.biz can be seen as a Full-Service Provider and supports it's customers from choosing the best software over implementing and training to ongoing servicing of the customer's system.

With a repertory of highly qualified employees we can assure a professional implementation of projects, even if they are complex.

In 2003 focu.biz decided to become a Microsoft partner for selling Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV and Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM. As a Gold Certified Partner we reached the highest level in the Microsoft Partner Program.

focu.biz develops own vertical and additive AddOns, matching exactly the needs of medium-sized businesses.

The most important AddOns are:

  • focu.biz Chemical Industry
    vertical solution for the chemical industry

  • focu.biz Public Accounting
    Accounting solution for public authorities and church administration

  • focu.biz Facility Management
    Management solution for buildings and facilities

  • focu.biz VAT Group
    Solution for vat consolidation

  • focu.biz Domino Connector
    Data transfer between Dynamics NAV and Lotus Notes

In doing so focu.biz sets a technical focus on the worldwide leading ERP-System Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

With the HQ in Hamburg – gateway to the world - focu.biz takes it for granted to accompany our customers on their way of internationalization.

This becomes manifest in own international sites.

Beside our offices in Hamburg and Munich, focu.biz is represented in the U.S., Switzerland, Austria and Malaysia and we are planning to open an office in the Czech Republic.

On the other hand we can access a world wide partner network, which provides the possibility to integrate foreign sites without problems.

A collaboration is currently active in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom

  • Belgium

  • Spain

  • Greece

  • Czech Republic

  • India

  • Singapore

  • South Korea

  • Australia

  • USA

  • Brazil




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