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Abildgaardsvej 96
Virum, Denmark
Phone: +45 70 220 656
Phone Toll Free:
Web Site: www.webcrm.com


webCRM, which is part of Teamlink A/S, was founded in 2005. Within Teamlink, customer relationship management (CRM) was the focus for a few years. However, a clearer CRM profile was needed, which is why the idea for webCRM arose. Its CRM activities started with the aim of developing a solution which focused on the sales process. Throughout 2004 and 2005, customers as well as functionality have increased, but the system has been marketed and sold on a project basis. During spring of 2005, webCRM launched a significant marketing and development effort in order to standardize its solution. The result is that it can be sold and implemented as a pure Web-based solution, with limited need for a consultant to set up the system. Configuration can be handled by the user in order to optimize the system to work with with sales to the government, or to private organizations and businesses. The company is located in Virum (Denmark).

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