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These reports feature original research from TEC analysts. They cover a wide variety of topics related to selecting and using enterprise software. They also examine general and industry-specific trends, developments, and issues.

Manhattan Momentum 2015: All About SCM Software that Builds Commerce-Ready Enterprises

At the recent Manhattan Momentum 2015 user conference, supply chain management (SCM) software specialist Manhattan Associates unveiled how it plans to build the “Commerce-Ready Enterprise”, an enterprise that takes advantage of all its resources to better serve its customers. Manhattan Associates’ CEO Eddie Capel outlined how the vendor aims to provide the three key capabilities—exceptional inventory management, supply chain execution, and omnichannel fulfillment—requisite to help SCM software user... Read More

Coupa Cloud Spend Management Software: Bringing Simplicity, Mobility, and Effective Networks to Businesses

Coupa Software, the pure cloud spend management software vendor, has done well for itself in the first decade of life. Providing a spend management suite of pure cloud software solutions that cater to various vertical industries, Coupa enables its customers to reduce costs and increase profitability. Read PJ Jakovljevic’s report on how Coupa’s cloud spend management suite can help your company manage its invoicing, travel and expenses, sourcing, inventory, contract, supplier, and procurement needs—and... Read More

PowerPlex 2015—Plex Expands the Power of Its Cloud Manufacturing ERP Software

TEC principal analyst PJ Jakovljevic was debriefed on PowerPlex 2015, followed the Plex Systems conference Twitter stream, and in this report outlines his observations on what Plex’s new cloud manufacturing ERP developments could mean for the company, its customers, and competitors.

This report includes a peak at the company’s new cloud ERP software user experience (UX). Manufacturers looking for a new or updated manufacturing ERP solution can read about the latest in mobility, as Plex... Read More

Meeting Challenges and Adapting to Change—ERP for W&D Companies

  • Source:
  • Written By: Ted Rohm
  • Published: July 20 2015
Wholesalers and distributors play a critical role in linking manufacturing companies to retail stores and e-commerce channels. But as the wholesale and distribution (W&D) business model evolves, companies face an increasing number of challenges that threaten their survival.

With already low profit margins, W&D organizations find themselves squeezed from all sides. They experience pressures not only from manufacturers that produce various products, but also retailers who purchase these... Read More

Manhattan Associates Empowers Retail Stores with Omnichannel Fulfillment

Today’s retail store associate needs to be able to sell any product anywhere in the enterprise easily, and especially while a customer is standing right there beside her/him. Additionally, ever-rising customer expectations mandate that he/she should really be able to perform that same level of personalized service across all channels. Add to this is the fact that the associate now also needs to be able to combine pick-up-in-store and ship-from-store tasks into his/her selling and service activities—i.e,... Read More

NetSuite Cloud ERP Software Gaining Traction with Larger Enterprises

NetSuite, a business management vendor offering Web-based software solutions to midsized companies, has been increasingly targeting large corporations. NetSuite now offers cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) and omnichannel commerce software solutions to both midsized companies and large global organizations. Find out about some of the vendor’s recent developments, announced at the recent SuiteWorld 2015 user conference, and what they mean for NetSuite's customers and prospects. Read More

Accentia Middle East: Region-specific, Specialized, and Targeted ERP

Acentia Middle East distributes Infor M3 solutions in the Middle East and Northern Africa. The company has exclusive rights to represent Infor M3 ERP software and possesses all the necessary prerequisites to deliver such complex projects to its customers. The Infor M3 ERP solution as represented by Accentia provides an attractive combination of available functionality, flexibility, modern technology, and competitive cost. Download this report for TEC research analyst Aleksey Osintsev's overview... Read More

Facilitating Users’ Work at the Center of IFS Application Development

IFS is one of those software vendors that has users' needs at the core of its business. The enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor offers customers fully developed offerings and is the single point of communication for all their software implementation and support services. See how the vendor delivered on this message in the latest release of IFS Applications (version 9), how it approaches the cloud, as well as how it differentiates itself from other competitors on the market.  Read More

Helpshift: Trailblazing the Native Mobile CRM Software Market

In today's mobile and always-connected world, it is surprising that customer relationship management (CRM) software vendors still offer what seems to be an outdated type of support—Web- and desktop-enabled support. Helpshift, a newcomer to the mobile CRM market, is spearheading a new type of support for today's generation of mobile users. The in-app mobile CRM support allows users to contact support and get the help they need—all without leaving the application. Read about how this new type of support... Read More

Analyst Review of Exact Macola 10 for SMB Manufacturers and Distributors

Exact Macola 10 is the new-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for small to medium (SMB) manufacturers and distributors. The software has evolved to cater to the accounting, manufacturing, distribution, and customer relationship management needs of its customers, and provides a user interface that can be customized by users' job function. TEC's PJ Jakovljevic was at the Exact Macola Evolve 2015 conference to get all the details on the product's release. Read his review of the... Read More
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