TEC Industry Reports

These reports feature original research from TEC analysts. They cover a wide variety of topics related to selecting and using enterprise software. They also examine general and industry-specific trends, developments, and issues.

Financial Applications Comparison Chart

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  • Published: January 15 2015
It’s clear that most software vendors offer solutions that fully support standard financial functionality. So how do you choose the financial software that's right for your company? See how some of the major players stack up. Read More

From Transaction to Transformation: How Financial Software Keeps Pace with Business

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  • Published: January 14 2015
Business complexity has increased tremendously in recent years, with the advent of total global trade and data-driven strategy. Finance departments are increasingly expected to play a more strategic role in a business’s development than they have in the past, with a direct impact on the stewardship of an organization.

Companies need to invest in technology to support new demands. But when most software solutions support standard business requirements, how do you choose the one that is... Read More

Update on Apttus: A Leader in CPQ and Quote-to-cash

Apttus is a cloud software company offering configure, price, quote (CPQ) capabilities that has risen fairly quickly from relative obscurity, growing and expanding its operations and functional scope in just a few years. Its name is derived from Latin words meaning “capable” and “speed”; and speed and agility (responsiveness) in sales, service, and marketing are indeed the new business imperative. Find out what makes Apttus a leader in CPQ. Read More

Financials in the Cloud: Boosting Efficiency and Control in the Mexican Market

  • Source:
  • Written By: Jorge Garcia
  • Published: December 2 2014
Despite the benefits of migrating to the cloud, many organizations are still new to this paradigm for the provision of computing services. For countries in the developing world, especially in Latin America and Mexico, the cloud can enable the acquisition of best-of-breed computing services at a more attainable cost. This report explores some of the features and functions of the Oracle Financials Cloud solution from a general business perspective and looks at the value that cloud solutions can add... Read More

Why You Need to Know about AANPM

  • Source:
  • Written By: Jorge Garcia
  • Published: November 27 2014
In this data-driven era, the pressure is on for IT departments: data needs to travel faster and nonstop to its destination, applications need to operate continuously, and networks need to communicate effectively between all business points in a timely manner. Application-aware network performance management (AANPM) solutions enable performance monitoring to be conducted in a holistic way with consideration for all elements both directly and not directly related to the network. Read More

Measuring Marketing Success: Know Each Customer in Context

Monitoring the performance of marketing activities is a critical function of marketing departments and has become important to business growth. This report provides an analyst perspective on effective practices and tools for accurately measuring marketing performance, as well as reviews the features and functions of IBM’s Marketing Performance Analytics offering and the business benefits it can afford organizations. Read More

TEC Highlights Report: Infor VISUAL

Infor VISUAL is an ERP system primarily focused on discrete order–driven manufacturing—be it simple or complex make-to-order, engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, or a combination of these types. The unique features of the product’s user interface make Infor VISUAL an attractive ERP option to many manufacturers. Read this report and see what Infor VISUAL is capable of, what sets it apart from other ERP systems, and how it can help you better run your manufacturing business. Read More

Providing Integrated Solutions Through the Life Cycle of Project-based Businesses

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  • Written By: Raluca Druta
  • Published: November 7 2014
Zavanti offers an end-to-end suite of solutions for the real estate, construction (property owners, developers, builders), and professional services verticals, as well as a series of implementation services including consulting and project management. In this report, TEC analyst Raluca Druta spotlights Zavanti, and outlines how the company's integrated suite of solutions helps property developers with their projects at each and every stage of the project life cycle.  Read More

NGC—One-Stop Shop for Fashion Enterprises

With industry savviness and a long history of 'industry firsts" such as the first company to offer a single enterprise platform for the apparel industry, New Generation Computing, Inc. (NGC) provides best-of-breed enterprise solutions for fashion, consumer goods, and retail. In this first part of a two-part report, TEC's P.J. Jakovljevic gives you an overview of NGC, and discusses the main offerings and capabilities the company affords to the fashion and apparel industries.  Read More

SP Marketplace Converts Office 365 to a Full Intranet and Collaboration Structure

  • Source:
  • Written By: Raluca Druta
  • Published: November 4 2014
SP Marketplace has developed SharePoint Business Suite for Office 365 to be a one stop shop for SMB Office 365 users who want to maximize their utilization of the Microsoft cloud-based suite. TEC's Raluca Druta takes an in-depth look at the software suite, including the business need for the product, the SharePoint Business Suite customer experience, product highlights, plus a detailed use case and customer success story. Read More
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