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These reports feature original research from TEC analysts. They cover a wide variety of topics related to selecting and using enterprise software. They also examine general and industry-specific trends, developments, and issues.

NGC—One-Stop Shop for Fashion Enterprises

With industry savviness and a long history of 'industry firsts" such as the first company to offer a single enterprise platform for the apparel industry, New Generation Computing, Inc. (NGC) provides best-of-breed enterprise solutions for fashion, consumer goods, and retail. In this first part of a two-part report, TEC's P.J. Jakovljevic gives you an overview of NGC, and discusses the main offerings and capabilities the company affords to the fashion and apparel industries.  Read More

SP Marketplace Converts Office 365 to a Full Intranet and Collaboration Structure

  • Source:
  • Written By: Raluca Druta
  • Published: November 4 2014
SP Marketplace has developed SharePoint Business Suite for Office 365 to be a one stop shop for SMB Office 365 users who want to maximize their utilization of the Microsoft cloud-based suite. TEC's Raluca Druta takes an in-depth look at the software suite, including the business need for the product, the SharePoint Business Suite customer experience, product highlights, plus a detailed use case and customer success story. Read More

Market Landscape Report: Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Solutions

  • Source:
  • Written By: Ted Rohm
  • Published: October 7 2014
In today’s era of increasingly complex product configurations, configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solutions do more than create accurate and professional sales quotes: they can open the door to significantly increased sales and revenues. Learn more about CPQ, including CPQ basics, benefits, functionality, market trends, and vendor landscape. Read More

Gaining Agility, Control, and Better Performance with Application-aware Network Performance and Diagnostics

  • Source:
  • Written By: Jorge Garcia
  • Published: September 23 2014
Organizations looking to enhance the performance of their vital IT infrastructure are increasingly seeking new ways to gain holistic visibility, agility, and efficiency when controlling and monitoring network performance. A relatively new breed of solutions has emerged to bridge the gap of traditional IT infrastructure monitoring systems called Application-aware Network Performance Monitoring. These new types of solutions afford organizations a chance to gain the next level of control over their... Read More

The Role of Enterprise Learning in a Company’s Growth

  • Source:
  • Written By: Raluca Druta
  • Published: September 15 2014
During tough economic times, companies look to reduce spending, and learning initiatives are often the first programs to go. But how do companies maintain a knowledgeable workforce during these tough times? An affordable way for companies to continue to maintain an educated, skilled, and adaptable workforce is through open courses. Find out what different types of open courses are available to your company in this report from TEC research analyst Raluca Druta.  Read More

SAP Services 2014 Analyst Summit—Enhanced Offerings for Better Business Outcomes

In this era of unprecedented changes, such as rising customer expectations, dramatically changing workforce, worldwide pressure on resources, and the exponential growth of data, companies must invest heavily in technologies to innovate and grow their business. SAP has markedly enhanced a slew of offerings to help its clients adapt and succeed in this changing climate. Read P.J. Jakovljevic's write-up and see how your company can harness SAP's latest offerings to achieve better business outcomes. Read More

More Than "Talent": Exploring Talent Management and Workforce Management as a Continuum

  • Source:
  • Written By:
  • Published: September 4 2014
“Talent” traditionally refers to key people—executives, experts, rock stars, etc.—that a company does not want to lose, while the majority of the company’s workforce are people who are considered more easily replaceable. But the general workforce can serve as a pool for future talent. This thought leadership explores some of the principles that are driving talent management and workforce management technologies—so you can help each and every one of your employees reach their potential and make the... Read More

Leadership Undone

  • Source:
  • Written By: Raluca Druta
  • Published: August 29 2014
No matter what style leaders embrace, they dictate the tone of their employees' behavior and response to day-to-day activities as well as exceptions. But what affects the success of today’s leaders and what role does technology play in this regard? TEC research analyst Raluca Druta analyzes the concept of leadership to help us better understand how successful leaders are made and how technology can help them develop as well as enhance a can-do company culture. Read More

Data Visualization: When Data Speaks Business

  • Source:
  • Written By: Jorge Garcia
  • Published: August 25 2014
For many organizations, data visualization is a practice that involves not only specific tools but also key techniques, procedures, and rules. The objective is to ensure the best use of existing tools for extending discovery, gaining knowledge, and improving the decision-making process at all organizational levels. This report considers the important effects of having good data visualization practices and analyzes some of the features, functions, and advantages of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence... Read More

TEC Highlights Report: Infor SyteLine v.9

Similarly to other Infor ERP products, Infor SyteLine follows Infor’s general approach focusing on Infor 10x (the latest iteration of the Infor 10 release), micro-verticals, and a positive user experience. The Infor SyteLine 9 release boasts 150 new functional enhancements to the core Infor SyteLine product and an esthetically pleasing design. Read up on the major functionality enhancements, such as the new, attractive, and socially interactive user interface, in this TEC Highlights report from... Read More
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