A New Look on the Horizon for TEC

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A New Look on the Horizon for TEC

Montreal, Canada, February 8, 2007 – Enterprise software analyst firm, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) further assists software purchasers by redesigning its web site to reflect its software selection methodology.

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) has announced that it will be launching its redesigned web site on February 14, 2007. The announcement comes after months of information gathering and a refocus on its core competencies of enterprise software selection.

“Helping software purchasers make efficient and informed decisions has always been at the core of what we’ve done. The new web site is being designed to reflect that,” said Mehdi Aftahi, chief technology officer at TEC. “We’re hoping to create more transparency to allow users to get a better grasp of the services that we provide.”

Part of the transparency includes bringing TEC’s core values to the forefront by promoting its software selection process, which should revolutionize the way decisions are made. The software selection process places the focus on the decision cycle and treats it as a value stream. It is designed to remove actions that do not create value, and streamline those that do, so that the entire process moves in a continuous flow, without sacrificing the quality of information needed for software selection.

“The redesign moves us away from the traditional portal approach that we were taking, which assumed the user knew exactly what they wanted,” said Duane Seon, senior web developer. “Now we’re moving to a more navigation based approach making it less likely for users to get lost.”

To that effect, TEC has organized its information in terms of the three types of deliverables it offers: products, such as software comparisons, software evaluation reports, RFP templates, and decision support systems; services, including software selection, services for consultants, vendor, and VARs; and enterprise research in the form of articles, white papers, and case studies.

“This is a very exciting time here at TEC. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients get the best possible value,” said Seon. “We’re hoping that this is a step in the right direction.”

About Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC)
Established in 1993, Technology Evaluation Centers, Inc. (TEC) is the first web-native technology research enterprise. TEC provides decision support systems (DSS) that enable stakeholders to objectively identify the software products that best fit their company’s unique business and systems requirements, and that contribute most effectively to superior business performance.

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