TEC Helps Gibson Consulting Group Find an Enterprise Resource Planning System for Katy ISD

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  • Published: January 28 2009

TEC Helps Gibson Consulting Group Find an Enterprise Resource Planning System for Katy ISD

Consulting firm delivers value to (K-12) education market by leveraging TEC's decision support technology for software selection

Montreal, QC -- Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC), the leading resource for enterprise software selection, has partnered with Gibson Consulting Group Inc. (Gibson) in its quest to provide Katy Independent School District (ISD) with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to be deployed in their finance and human resource departments.

Katy ISD, a suburban school district in east Texas, sought out the assistance of Gibson, an education management and operations consulting group, in finding an ERP system that best suited its needs.

Katy ISD wanted external help to take the burden off its internal IT department. Gibson looked to TEC as a third party in lending expert technology support to reduce cost and save time in the client's software selection process.

"TEC provided Gibson with enriching technology support - [its] methodology and the eBestMatch - system were much more flexible and efficient than the tools I was using before and they meshed very well with Gibson's approach to these projects. And once I used TEC for one project, I didn't want to go back to doing it the hard way. Analysis that once took me 3 weeks in Access, now takes 3 days or less with TEC's support." said Kim Scambilis, project manager and senior consultant for Gibson.

TEC's methodology used by TEC and Gibson helped to provide an objective and comprehensive analysis for Katy ISD. Gibson reported a 25 percent decrease in time required to provide a full range of services; greater efficiency allows Gibson to offer its services at a lower cost to more clients.

"Our successful partnership with Gibson Consulting Group is proof that small industry focused professionals can effectively derive measurable value from leveraging our established market presence and selection expertise." said Lorne Goloff, vice president, Software Selection Services for TEC.

For more information, or to see the case study on Gibson, visit http://whitepapers.technologyevaluation.com/view_document/9647/Case-Study-Gibson-Consulting-Group-for-Katy-Independent-School-District-ISD.html

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