TEC Helps Utilities Company Select Best-fit Financials and Human Resources Systems

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TEC Helps Utilities Company Select Best-fit Financials and Human Resources Systems

Environmentally conscious water district adopts TEC’s impartial methodology for business process modeling

Montreal, QC, January 18, 2010 – South Coast Water District (SCWD), an independent provider of high-quality water services based in Laguna Beach, California (US), was experiencing some of the common problems utilities companies face with inefficient IT systems. The company recently discovered that its paper-based processes—such as purchasing and procurement—were not only producing volumes of waste paper, but also creating extra work for its finance and human resources staff. SCWD decided to define its process requirements internally in order to select an appropriate financials system with integrated human resource (HR) functionality so it could operate more efficiently and eliminate the need for paper processes.

Soon after the in-house project began, SCWD’s IT manager Bryon Black realized it needed auxiliary expert assistance, and engaged Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) on a business process modeling (BPM) project. “Having TEC’s advisors on-site to prompt our finance and HR staff definitely helped elicit more in-depth responses regarding current as well as future finance business processes,” says Black. After more than 2,500 requirements were defined and prioritized, TEC generated a detailed evaluation and comparison of suitable solutions based on vendor responses to SCWD’s request for information (RFI). TEC’s decision support system, TEC Advisor, supplied the necessary quantifiable data through reports, graphs, and statistics to help SCWD further analyze its shortlist of vendors.

TEC’s structured and methodical support in the requirements definition process proved to be valuable during later stages of the project. The SCWD selection team became much more knowledgeable about key requirements, which greatly facilitated the creation of vendor demonstration scripts. TEC’s recommendations kept vendor scoring analytical and objective, enabling the SCWD selection team “to divorce the sales experience from the actual requirements and put their subjective opinions to the side,” Bryon adds. When it came down to the final decision, the objective comparison data produced by TEC Advisor helped all stakeholders feel confident that the right decision was being made.

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