TEC Joins Forces with SIRIUS Services Conseils to Help Clients Reduce Risk When Choosing Enterprise Software

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TEC Joins Forces with SIRIUS Services Conseils to Help Clients Reduce Risk When Choosing Enterprise Software
Montreal, May 8, 2006

SIRIUS Services Conseils and Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) announce the launch of a new alliance designed to assist companies with comparing, evaluating, and selecting enterprise software.

Montreal, May 8, 2006-SIRIUS Conseils ( www.siriusconseils.qc.ca/itmanagement), a leading consultant in IT and project management in Quebec, Canada, has been appointed as a professional services provider by Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) (www.TechnologyEvaluation.com/press), the first web-native software industry analyst. TEC's mission is to enable decision makers to objectively identify the software products that best fit an enterprise's unique business and systems requirements. This alliance is designed to provide superior software selection services to customers considering IT and enterprise software investments, planned implementations, or upgrades of existing technology.

According to Michel Fournié, vice president, IT management solutions "Our partnership with TEC will enable us to be more efficient in our mandates execution. Our advisors have extensive experience with organizations of all sizes and in a wide variety of sectors and TEC has the tools and expertise which makes our offering very attractive for business looking at engaging a software selection process."

"Organizations can now select and implement software that objectively meets their business requirements. Furthermore, it is possible to map out future IT strategies by assessing current systems against requirements and determining gaps in support of a replace or enhance strategy," says Daniel Elkouby, senior business development manager of TEC.

TEC maintains alliances with impartial IT consultants via its Professional Services Provider program. The purpose of this program is to leverage TEC's enterprise software evaluation tools to execute the most accurate quantitative assessments of enterprise software systems, in considerably less time and with less effort than is possible using other means.

About SIRIUS Services Conseils

Founded in 1999, SIRIUS Services Conseils (www.siriusconseils.qc.ca) specializes in IT and project management. Its services in IT include operational management, strategic management, application development management, and ERP solutions. Its services in project management include implementing of portfolio management, project management office, and business solutions in project management. It also offers coaching in project management development, such as increasing the ROI of the projects through available tax credits and subsidies, as well as the integration of EPM solutions from Microsoft.

The company also offers a complete project management training program accredited by Emploi-Quebec and is recognised by the PMI (Project Management Institute) as a global provider.

About Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC)

Established in 1993, TEC (www.TechnologyEvaluation.com/press), the first web-native software industry analyst, is an impartial advocate for buyers of enterprise software. TEC provides decision support solutions that enable stakeholders to objectively identify the software products that best fit their companies' unique business and systems requirements and contribute most effectively to superior business performance.

From ERP (ERP.TechnologyEvaluation.com/press), SCM, CRM, business intelligence, and outsourcing, to financial, health services, radio frequency identification (RFID), and open source, TEC's network of knowledge bases, with data vetted by its analysts, continues to expand in keeping with the growing needs of enterprise IT professionals.

More than 400,000 global subscribers turn to TEC for research and analysis via its daily newsletter, and refer to its extensive archive of articles and white papers.

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