TEC Launches Center to Help Companies Evaluate and Select ERP Distribution Software

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TEC Launches Center to Help Companies Evaluate and Select ERP-Distribution Software

Enterprise software analyst firm Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) recently launched its ERP-Distribution Evaluation Center, to help companies compare the most qualified ERP-Distribution systems based on their own, unique business needs.

May 16, 2007

Montreal, Quebec, May 16, 2007—In response to growing global demand from IT decision makers in the distribution and logistics industries, software evaluation firm Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) announces the launch of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-Distribution Evaluation Center, designed to help companies select the right ERP-Distribution software solution.

According to TEC, organizations often select the wrong ERP-Distribution software solution because they lack a clear understanding of their needs. To eliminate this problem, TEC recommends the use of its customized ERP-Distribution request for information (RFI) template, developed to help organizations conduct a thorough and successful requirements-gathering phase.

TEC also recommends that organizations use eBestMatch, its ERP-Distribution software evaluation tool, to conduct an online comparison of ERP-Distribution solutions. This enables the organization to save time, money, and staffing resources throughout the software evaluation process.

ERP-Distribution is defined as software that has been specifically designed for companies in the distribution and logistics industries. Traditional distribution business needs are focused on moving goods through a supply chain, and the distribution software market has developed products to fulfill these needs. The software solutions developed for ERP-Distribution include the additional functionality of supply chain management (SCM), distribution process management (DPM), and retail and commerce.

Dylan Persaud, senior ERP-Distribution analyst at TEC, adds that “as manufacturing becomes a more global phenomenon, distributors need to realize that the distribution of goods, whether raw materials or finished products, is increasingly becoming a central force to the global economy, and ERP-Distribution software solutions will aid them in that global economic shift.”

About the ERP-Distribution Evaluation Center

TEC’s ERP-Distribution Evaluation Center is a new online software evaluation resource center featuring research on the leading ERP-Distribution vendors. It covers solutions ranging from SCM, supplier relationship management (SRM), warehouse management systems (WMS), distribution evaluation center (DPM), transportation management systems (TMS), and international trade and logistics, to procurement, financial, and human resources (HR).

For a custom ERP-Distribution solution comparison, begin a &defaultModeld=477&openerURL=<%=openerURL%>" target="Evaluation_Center">trial ERP-Distribution software evaluation.

About Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC)

Since 1993, Technology Evaluation Centers (www.technologyevaluation.com) has been the world’s leading online provider of resources to help organizations select software solutions best suited to their particular business models and special requirements. TEC currently maintains over thirty software evaluation resource centers containing specialized software evaluation tools, as well as thousands of detailed criteria on over 800 software solutions, ranging from ERP-Distribution, customer relationship management (CRM), and SCM, to business intelligence (BI) and enterprise asset management (EAM).

More information can be found at http://www.technologyevaluation.com.


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