Two of Technology Evaluation Centers’ analysts named HR marketplace “social butterflies”

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Montreal, Canada (April 15, 2014) — With the rise of social media, it’s not just about attending conferences anymore to engage in the conversation., a marketing company focused on the HR marketplace, has compiled a list of “social butterflies”—those people (or organizations) who engage audiences most via social media during major HR technology conferences. Ranking in the top 30 are two of TEC’s analysts, Raluca Druta (@rlcdrt) and Gabriel Gheorghiu (@ggheorghiu).

According to HRmarketer’s results, Raluca Druta, TEC’s analyst specializing in HR/HCM, has engaged in 16 of the top 20 “must-attend” HR events. In addition to attending events such as HR Tech, Kronos Works, Saba @Work, and the SumTotal User Conference, Druta has been engaging in the social media conversation around key events.

“Conferences offer a wonderful experience. It’s great to be in among the action, connecting face-to-face with my peers and the major players in the HR marketplace,” says Druta. “It is quite interesting, though, what the rise of social media has introduced. Now these conferences aren’t only about what’s going on inside the walls; they have a far greater reach of engagement through social media,” she adds.

The “social butterflies” list was compiled using HRmarketer Insight—a software solution that analyzes tens of thousands of HR-related tweets, Facebook updates, LinkedIn updates, and 5,000+ articles and blog posts. This information allows to help organizations better market their solutions in the HR marketplace.

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