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Affinium Suite

Company: Unica

Unica's Affinium Suite includes Affinium Campaign, Affinium Model, Affinium Plan, and Affinium Leads. These solutions support the following characteristics.

Affinium Campaign is a multichannel, personalized campaign management solution. Affinium Campaign delivers supports real time inbound and outbound customer interactions. This software helps manage multichannel and multiwave campaigns.

Affinium Model is a data mining and predictive modeling solution, which helps companies understand and anticipate customer behaviors and preferences. Its has built-in automation and wizards to help generate models faster than conventional tools.

Affinium Plan is a marketing resource management solution, which provides a common "workplace" for marketing teams to plan, manage, execute, and monitor marketing initiatives. It includes automated workflow and collaboration tools, customizable reporting metrics, and a marketing "dashboard" to provide real time visibility into status and effectiveness. It also supports content management and automated approval processes.

Affinium Leads is a lead management solution that provides the ability to better manage the qualification, enrichment, distribution, maturation, and feedback loop on leads.

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