Aquilon ERP

Company: Aquilon Software Inc. Aquilon ERP is fully integrated accounting, distribution, and light manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

When you implement Aquilon ERP you can expect functionality seen in higher-end ERP systems but at an entry level cost. This fully integrated system, covers all aspects of accounting and finance, distribution, supply chain, and manufacturing, and benefits your enterprise by:
  • Removing independent silos of programs and data consolidating them into a single fully integrated, cost effective and easy to use system.
  • Reducing redundant effort through integrated and proven business processes.
  • Protecting your data through operator security and secured data files.
  • Improved data analysis with on-line data and easy-to-use analysis tools.
  • Reduces time to close month ends giving you the agility to make decisions faster.
  • Choice of server operating systems (AIX, UNIX, Linux and Windows), always with clients running Windows.
  • Choice of in-house systems or hosted systems (ask about our hosting partner).


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