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Aquilon Financial Administration and Management

Company: Aquilon Software Inc. Aquilon Financial Administration and Management is fully integrated accounting, distribution, and light manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

When you implement Aquilon ERP you can expect functionality seen in higher-end ERP systems but at an entry level cost. This fully integrated system, covers all aspects of accounting and finance, distribution, supply chain, and manufacturing, and benefits your enterprise by:
  • Removing independent silos of programs and data consolidating them into a single fully integrated, cost effective and easy to use system.
  • Reducing redundant effort through integrated and proven business processes.
  • Protecting your data through operator security and secured data files.
  • Improved data analysis with on-line data and easy-to-use analysis tools.
  • Reduces time to close month ends giving you the agility to make decisions faster.
  • Choice of server operating systems (AIX, UNIX, Linux and Windows), always with clients running Windows.
  • Choice of in-house systems or hosted systems (ask about our hosting partner).


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