Company: ASIC Infotech

"The company has offices in Mumbai & Baroda India. The Company executes all their orders around the globe
from this offices by providing trained manpower from India at low cost. The company is planning to open
marketing offices globally in next 2 years time. For that company is looking forward to get Venture Capital
funds from private financial institutions. ASIC believes in policy of zero assets. So ASIC does not have
big big buildings, huge staff, well furnished decorated offices etc. to showoff. ASIC Assets infrastructure
is all on rental basis. ASIC Infrastructure and manpower grows with growth of business and shrinks dramatically
once requirements are over. ASIC employs people on customer projects only. Our employees are self sufficient
e-lancers who work either at customers place or from their homes. ASIC uses its physical offices at Baroda
and Mumbai as training & meeting facilities. Due to this low investment in physical Assets and low overheads
ASIC can provide your company software & services products with low cost and highest quality standards.
ASIC uses internet as its physical office as meeting point for all its employees and controls projects via
internet tools like emails, chat, video conf., phones, website, ftp sites etc and management tools like CMM,
ISO & 6-Sigma. As a customer we wish you won't value us as inferior because we do not have big buildings and
huge manpower located at one single place. We wish you value us by seeing our products and services quality and prices. "

"ERPWEB is WEB based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Business Software. It's scope is broad - spanning from private Intranets, through shared extranets, to the public Internet. It uses Web as platform to bring together customers, vendors, suppliers and employees in a way never before possible. ERPWEB is about Web based ERP enabling your core business processes to improve customer service, reduce cycle time, get more results from limited resources, and actually sell things. It actually enables E-Commerce and provides true EDI facility to organisations.
ERPWEB is an integrated software that has all the facility of networking, officesuites, business applications & works on platform independent universal client interface called web browsers. Companies with ERPWEB lets people spend less time learning to use technology and more time doing their jobs. ERPWEB also enables employee to work from their homes. It has unique employees workbench which produces desktop according to work the employee has to do. Ultimately forcing employees to focus on doing their work to better productivity.
Apart from simplified desktop & work automation, ERPWEB disables major parts of users system, network & data to maintain security & avoids high maintenance cost & downtime. It also provides security benefit due to central storage and management. It is the perfect tool to build your global business infrastructure.
ERPWEB can also give you an competitive advantage. ERPWEB reduces paper handling , manpower, communication costs & delays. ERPWEB enables your company to remain open round the clock throught the year for customers and employees anywhere, anytime through Internet. It has everything nedded to run a small business. Use ERPWEB as framework to extend your business vision."

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