Inconso WMS Suite

Company: Inconso AG

"As much standard as possible - only as much individuality as required." This is the guideline for the conception of inconso's software solutions. The inconsoWMS product suite covers solution requirements from modest manual warehouses up to complex distribution centers with high throughput and/or full automation levels. The full integration of any subsystem (such as radio data transmission [RF], barcoding, radio frequency identification [RFID], pick-by-voice, pick-by-light, material flow calculation, and weighing systems) is realized with standard connectors and permits a solution concept coordinated with the respective requirements.

Complexity and throughput are the parameters that decide which product is used for what situation. The inconsoWMS Standard is conceived for manual or radio data transmission (RF)-led applications and is used in smaller and midsized distribution centers. These are typically so-called crossdocking and public warehouses, where several clients are dealt with in a single distribution center.

The inconsoWMS eXtended solution is a standard solution for complex and high performance applications. It is mainly used in highly automated distribution centers and at logistics service providers in the area of dedicated warehouse systems.


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