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Company: JustFoodERP

JustFoodERP provides a full breadth of integrated functionality focused on the specific needs of food processing and food distribution companies. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics, JustFoodERP is instantly recognizable to users because it's a Microsoft product. It also speaks to all the technology companies are using today, including Outlook, Excel, Word, and back-end tools like SQL Server and SharePoint.

Food distribution companies run on razor-thin margins. Effective inventory management is critical to ensuring that inventory levels maximize cash flows and profitability.

Food safety standards are becoming increasingly stringent. While government legislation has long been implemented, even higher standard of food safety are being driven by the implementation of programs like Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) or Safe Quality Food (SQF), requiring third-party audits. JustFoodERP takes a holistic view of food safety by incorporating prevention and proof, in addition to the traditional record-and-respond approach to lot tracking and recall.

Businesses make decisions each day, often with imperfect information, or on the basis of "gutstinct" or "tribal knowledge." JustFoodERP helps take the guesswork out of daily decisions, implementing a balanced scorecard or metrics approach to business performance management. JustFoodERP provides tools and best-in-class metrics in all functional areas including finance, sales, inventory, production, and quality.

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