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As a provider of online logistics, NTE, LLC offers Web-enabled and software-based solutions that can help improve supply chain efficiency in supply chain execution and transaction management, particularly for transportation services. NTE's North American clients use the company's solutions for transportation event management, visibility, optimization, and shipment rating, planning, and execution. Through NTE, these clients have found improved decision-making capabilities, reduced costs, increased revenue opportunities, and improved customer satisfaction.

The NTE Suite of solutions offers order management, warehouse management, and transportation management modules that can be deployed on the NTE Platform independently to manage a single segment of the supply chain, or together to provide an end-to-end supply chain solution. The order management module is focused on the fulfillment of customer, requisition, and purchase orders. The warehouse management system provides flexible location management and storage definition capabilities, for precise control of inventory across multiple customers and warehouses. The transportation management module provides automated routing guide execution, which helps ensure shipping compliance with your business rules. All three on-demand modules are guided by the principles of visibility, accuracy, and adaptability, to meet the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises.

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