Netscreen ISG 2000

Company: Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks provides integrated firewall/IPSec VPN security appliances that administrators use to protect networks with a layered security approach. The breadth of performance (50Mbps to 12Gbps) and interface options (up to 78 physical interfaces) enables administrators to protect communications and resources at the perimeter, in the infrastructure and out to remote sites and users.

Every appliance is designed for integration of hardware and software processing--using a high-speed multi-bus architecture that couples ASIC-based processing with a dedicated security-specific operating system. A controlling element in the company's devices is the operating system, NetScreen ScreenOS, which is a real time, security-specific operating system. ScreenOS includes the following set of security and management applications.

- Common criteria and ICSA certified stateful inspection firewall for network protection
- ICSA certified IPSec VPN gateway for interoperable, secure communications
- Deep inspection for application-level attack protection
- Virtualization capabilities for network segmentation
- High availability to ensure maximum network reliability
- Management interfaces, both internal and external to facilitate deployment


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