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Company: Paradigm Designs Software

The PBS5 EAM solution can help improve maintenance planning, knowledge, understanding, and history retention. PBS5 supports best practice methodologies including risk based maintenance, on condition based maintenance, six sigma, production driven, demand driven inventory holding, and RCM. PBS5 simplifies external access to application data and includes tools for self diagnostics and database table and view maintenance functions.

Wherever possible functions such as, lists, labels, help messages, reports queries, security, etc. are configurable by the end user or implementer. PBS5 supports applicable standards whereever possible. For example, the AS 4360 risk model, ANSI 92 SQL, ODBC connectivity, and all forms have a standard look, feel, and core functionality.

Paradigm Designs Software designed its solution to have programming language independence, thus the company can regenerate PBS5 to the programming language of choice in the future. The existing product can be upgraded to capitalize on new foundation classes for existing deployments, without having to rewrite the whole application, including a client's custom modules. PDS supports the ability to add new modules and features in a consistent and repeatable manner with a minimum of programming.


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