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Company: Configuration Data Services, Inc

CDS’s PDMTOOL product data management (PDM) system provides automatic control of and access to product data in a distributed environment. PDMTOOL can provide historical product information that is securely maintained. Data integrity is protected by secure file access authority features built into the file structures of the PDMTOOL system. An unlimited number of separate and related product structures can be maintained by PDMTOOL in a secure enterprise environment.

PDMTOOL is designed to provide secure electronic storage of and access to product data. All transaction activities are performed with complete audit traceability, in a way that helps avoid redundant activities and operator errors. PDMTOOL was developed to address the procedural problems and consistency of interorganizational functions, while facilitating an online dialog between the various departments concerned with designing and building product lines. PDMTOOL provides continuous acquisition and life cycle support.



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