Company: PROMYS

PROMYS PSA includes modules for

- CRM, opportunities, and quoting;
- order fulfillment, purchasing, inventory, and invoicing;
- project management, project assignments, time sheets and expenses;
- service management, help desk, and support contracts; and
- customer and subcontractor self-service portals.

PROMYS service management functionality helps answer questions such as:

- Why aren’t my field resources more billable?
- Which active projects are in trouble against their cost budget?
- Are my service contracts profitable?
- Have I billed for everything and accounted for all costs?
- Are we maximizing revenue and margin on all sales opportunities?

PROMYS provides functionality for

- help desk trouble tickets, color coding, and escalations;
- resource calendar visibility into all resources and current availability;
- automatic work order notifications and integration with Outlook calendars;
- customer self-service portal,
- resource forecasting by specific skill set and certifications;
- tracking for service contacts, service levels, customer serial numbers, and third-party service agreements; and
- tracking for labor utilization to reduce un-billable hours.

As part of the PROMYS enterprise business software suite, the PROMYS CRM module links seamlessly with the order fulfillment, project management, service management, and help desk modules to track customer quotes, projects, assets, change orders, return material authorizations (RMAs), and returns affecting equipment under service contract. PROMYS also keeps track of block time accrual accounts, invoicing, and service contract renewal.

More than effective PSA software, PROMYS provides the Web-based PSA functionality service organizations need to forecast resources effectively, deliver projects on time and on budget, respond quickly to customer service issues, and maximize service contract profitability.



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