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The SimplyDigi LMS enables organizations to deliver customized courses, videos, live seminars, and tests via the Internet. The LMS is a scalable system that provides a total and complete foundation for all aspects of e-learning. With SimplyDigi's LMS, organizations can assess, plan, deliver, manage, and improve both self-paced and instructor-led training processes.

The SimplyDigi LMS is SCORM-compliant and offers the flexibility to export and communicate with many major enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

DigiCast is an add on Webinar component that allows for real-time Web conferencing. It enables live and "on-demand" communication, collaboration, and learning over the Internet from a browser. DigiCast eliminates the time and expense of travel, bringing geographically dispersed students, employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and associates together anytime and from anywhere.

A DigiCast solution provides all the tools necessary to conduct a highly interactive Web-based meeting. DigiCast lets organizations use the Internet to extend the reach and impact of their ideas to virtually anyone, anywhere in the world. All that's required to conduct or join a meeting is a computer, an Internet connection, and a phone line for the audio conference.

DigiCast provides a complete set of powerful training tools and capabilities:

- Deliver live instruction from a variety of sources directly to your learners’ desktops.
- Give presentations that include audio, video, and even multimedia.
- Record, edit, play back, and archive entire sessions for future use.
- Post searchable questions, begin threaded discussions, post FAQs, and more using the message boards and forums.
- Set up a live help desk or student chat rooms.
- Private-brand your own rooms and assign managers to them.


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