SmartStream Human Resources & Payroll

Company: Smart Solutions International

SmartStream HCM is an HCM solution that offers the following functionality:

  • Payroll and taxation administration capabilities, which can help ensure that all employees are paid accurately and on time, and that all federal, state/provincial, and local tax compliance and reporting requirements are met.
  • Direct access to payroll data via inquiries and reports
  • Integration with Infor's financial management solutions
  • Support for net-to-gross and gross-to-net calculations with results displayed online
  • Support for a range of voluntary deductions including medical, charitable donations, union dues, and retirement plans
  • Support for direct deposits; earned income credit (EIC) payments; tracking of earnings such as vacation, sick pay, holidays, and overtime; group term life imputed income; and distribution of employee hours, earnings, deductions, and taxes to multiple cost centers
  • Support for regular and special adjustment, month-end adjustment, off-cycle, and mid-month payroll runs
  • Creation of monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll reports; worker compensation reports; quarterly and annual tax reporting; retroactive pay calculations; and overrides. A variety of standard payroll cyclical reports are included.


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