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Company: Hi-Tech Export

Hi-Tech Export does application development on both Windows and Linux platforms. The company has experience in developing client/server and multitier database applications as well as stand-alone desktop solutions. Hi-Tech is focused on delivering customized application software solutions for client/server platforms and the Web. Hi-Tech also takes care of more routine IT tasks like application maintenance (bug fixes, new features, etc.), testing of web-based solutions, and web publishing.

Hi-Tech Export's typical services include

- Client/server based software application in various platforms like Visual Basic, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
- Web application development in .NET, Java, ASP, PHP, etc.
- Systems Programming in C, C++, and Perl
- Migration of systems from one database system to another e.g. SQL Server to Oracle, Informix to Oracle, etc.

Hi-Tech Export also provides life cycle testing of web-based applications and client/server products. It automates test runs wherever possible and uses off-the-shelf tools to reduce testing cycle time.


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