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Spagic 3 is universal middleware, characterized by an innovative approach to the management and development of service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions, which are highly modular and configurable around an open service gateway initiative (OSGi) kernel.

Spagic 3 can help users develop extensible solutions that offer the following features:

  • platform independence
  • code reusability for different goals and containers, such as J2EE, TP, ESB, BPM
  • management of the life cycle of different business and infrastructure components
  • configuration and start-up of single modules

Spagic 3 offers a range of tools that support the management of SOA projects, including modeling support tools, services definition, development of forms to support users' activities, deployment control, connectors, business process modeling (BPM) engines, infrastructural services and containers, and a monitoring environment.


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